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Regional Information

Honduras is a republic in Central America bordered by Guatemala to the west, El Salvador to the south west and Nicaragua in the south east. The original home of the Mayan civilization, Honduras is becoming a major coffee exporter in the world with coffee production reaching a record of over 4 million bags in 2011.

Although Honduras has suffered for many years with their coffee being smuggled across the borders to neighboring countries whose coffee would sell at a higher price, with stricter controls in these past years, Honduran coffee is now being appreciated for its own quality and characteristics.

Near to Victoria town in the Yoro Province lays Finca Santa Marta – a family owned coffee business since 1963. Irrigated by natural springs, this 146 acre organic plantation is located on the outskirts of the famous Honduran national forest preserve Pico Pijol. Comprising of just 6 microlots, the clay and sandy loam soil enables these coffees to develop complex flavor notes and floral aromas. Through constant education, the workers on the farm understand when the coffee cherries are at their optimum and ready to pick so ensuring the best beans in every cup.

The Hawit family has owned and managed this farm through four generations of family members and loyal workers. Brothers, Munir and Raul Hawit's vision still is to focus on small yield production varieties such as Typica & Bourbon to produce the highest quality coffees for you to enjoy.

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Tasting Notes

A complex mixture of cloves with caramel sweetness combined with the scents of orange peel and honey make this medium-full body coffee a pleasure in every cup.

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Cup Characteristics

Discover the creamy character of the medium-full body matched by its crisp acidity. Orange peel, peaches and jasmin-like aromas penetrate the caramel, clove and berry flavors.

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Origin Region:Province of Yoro

Altitude:1,350 - 1,480m above sea level

Species:100 percent Arabica

Farm:Finca Santa Marta

Processing:Spring water washed, sun dried


Grade:1 (Strictly High Grown)


Lot:Microlot Bandeira

Harvest:December - February

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An infant crop of Arabica trees, we will watch them grow and produce some incredible coffee!

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Ancient Myan ruins in Copan in the West of Honduras dating back over 2000 years.

coffee planet

Talking the winding roads steep into the mountains where the best coffee grows.